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Steam Computer Pc gaming

Posted on Playstation, 14th January 2048 | Tags: Blog, Playstation, Games, Free
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The popular Steam computer game network has actually started accepting bitcoin in a move focused on making it simpler for gamers in nations like Brazil and China making payments. Bitcoin deals will be integrated into video game shopping from Steam, which is owned by Valve Software and asserts over 100 million users worldwide. Users will have the ability to use any bitcoin wallet to scan and spend for online games or other items without exposing sensitive financial details via software from Bitpay. Continue ...

NVIDIA introduces GeForce GTX 1080,

Posted on Playstation, 28th July 2048 | Tags: Playstation, Playstation, Standards
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NVIDIA released the GeForce GTX 1080, the first GPU (GPU) built on the brand-new architecture of pc gaming Pascal, offering performance as much as 2x much better in virtual truth compared with GeForce GTX TITAN X (1). Pascal enable huge leaps in regards to performance, memory bandwidth and energy performance as compared to previous high-performance Maxwell architecture. At the same time, introduce innovative Continue ...

Battleborn is first in sales in the UK

Posted on Playstation, 26th June 2048 | Tags: Photos, Playstation, Free Stuff
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Battleborn is first in sales in the UK According to UKIE Games Charts by means of GfK Chart-Track, in the week ended May 7 Battleborn was the very best selling game in the UK. You can find further information about hack black ops 2 @ . Continue ...