Moisturising The Skin Can Go A Long Way In The Prevention Of Acne

Sebum is the substance that moisturizes the skin. It is manufactured deep inside the pore and it cannot get out if the top of the pore is clogged by these dead skin cells. When it gets trapped beneath the skin, conditions for the germs to settle in are optimal. This will lead to the bacteria breeding and multiplying and causing inflammation to the skin. These bacteria are normally present on the skin without causing much harm. When they increase in numbers then the immune system of the body will be forced to act. This results in the pimples and spots as the white blood cells of the body come to the rescue of the inflamed part.

Acne might be very distressing and thus can lead to depression. Symptoms of which are lethargy, loss of appetite, behavioural problems and sleep disturbance. Teenagers may want to hide in their bedrooms when they have visitors. Impaired school performance may manifest itself in otherwise well performing children.

PCOS related acne tends to flare up in women in the more hormonally sensitive areas of the face. These are the cheeks, jawline, chin and the at the angles of the jaw which also is in the upper neck area. Irregular periods could be an indicator to PCOS. There is no magical cure for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, however changes in diet may help. PCOS patients may tend to be more diabetic prone patients as well.

Little can be done to prevent acne. Personal hygiene should be stressed, and the skin cleaned to get rid of all the sweat that may linger in delicate areas like the groins and the armpit. Regular washing of hands should help keep it away in some cases, or at least control its spread from one part of the body to the other.

Low intensity light can help opening the blocked pores. A combination of these lights in the colors of blue, red, green-yellow can kill the acne causing bacteria. A doctor can painlessly apply the above treatment by use of a wand. The only side effect of this could be mild skin irritation. It is a relatively safe treatment to

Dry skin also has tiny cracks which can get infested by bacteria. These in turn can lead to excessive flaking producing dead cells which will block the pores. Therefore exfoliation will help ensure these cells are cleaned off leading to cleaner skin.